Alfa Teh, a new addition to Motorsport Industry Association (11.11.2016.)

By alfateh on Nov 11 in Race.

What a great honour for our young company!
Being invited to join one of the most respected Associations in the world, the MIA (Motorsport Industry Association), with companies predominantly from UKs famous “Motorsport Valley” is great accomplishment for a small company from Croatia.


Being chosen to join company of Formula 1 teams like Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, Williams Martini Racing, SAHARA Force India Formula One Team or companies like Williams Advanced Engineering, RML Group or Prodrive Ltd just to name a few, is a great recommendation for our potential clients in the near future, which speaks great words on what our mentality is.

CEO Nikica Antolkovic said: “If you want to work for motorsport companies, you cannot just be a company which can produce a bespoke part. Today a lot of companies have that ability, but there is something special what we have in our company. People working in Alfa Teh live and breathe life of motorsport. This means we everyday push ourselves to deliver quality in shortest timescale possible. Producing something is like racing. You have to learn and adapt every day, sometimes you have to stay working longer hours but this is a great joy to us and something we are very proud of. We are not made to be in a routine, we do not look our products through finances. We challenge ourselves to become supplier for F1, MotoGP, WEC and other highly respectable forms of motorsport and this means you cannot consider this as your job, but more like way of life. We also call other people who would like to challenge themselves to join us, we are growing exponentionaly so if you think you got what it takes we will test your abilities and believe me only the toughest stay.”

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